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We have the best investment solution for you, back at home
Kenyans living in the diaspora often do not have sufficient information on investment opportunities in Kenya. We recognize this and other challenges that you face while trying to make the best and right decision. We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to facilitate the availability of this information on investment opportunities to enable you become a land-owner in a hassle-free way. You’re not just investing but also contributing to the growth and development of your country. So far, we have successfully helped over 500 diaspora clients spread across the US, Europe, Asia, Middle East and the rest of Africa to acquire land.

Owning Land with Username Investment Ltd. is Easy

After identifying the project that you want to invest in from our various projects, we shall send you the layout of the project and you shall select and book your preferred plot. To book, we require you to pay a booking fee, normally 10% of the purchase price. You will then fill in an offer letter.

We will then share with you, our company bank account details where you can make the payment. You then give us your details as you would like the title to appear when transferred to you.

Once full payment is done, we process the title deed within 3 to 6 months. When the title is ready, you can either write to us with instructions to issue the title deed to your family member or your lawyer or alternatively we ship/mail it to you via your preferred courier service.

The Process

  • Identify project and choose a plot(s) from the layout provided.
  • Download the offer letter , fill in and send it to diaspora@username.co.ke
  • Book your plot by paying the booking fee through one of our payment options.
  • Complete payment within the payment duration given.
  • A transfer document and a sale agreement will be shared with you for signing
  • Share your ID, KRA Pin, Passport Photos and postal address to diaspora@username.co.ke for the title transfer process to begin.
  • Title processing will take 6-10 months.
  • You will receive your title deed through a courier service of your choice.

These are the details of the bank through which our diaspora clients can use.

ABC Bank
KES Account No: 001223001000933
USD Account No: 001223011000752
Branch Name: Westlands Branch, off Woodvale Road
Bank Code: 35
Branch Code: 001
Swift Code: ABCLKENA




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