Why Nairobians are flocking Ngong

Why Nairobians are flocking Ngong

Hezron Ongadi, bought land in Ngong in 2017 when the area was undeveloped with rough roads save for the graded internal roads of the property he purchased. To him, he believed in the planned development projects though it looked like a mirage. How could the rough Ngong-Kibiko- Suswa Road be tarmacked in less than 2 years? How could the Standard Gauge Railway and Ngong SGR Station be initiated and completed in 2 years’ time? He knew even if the developments would come they would take around 5 years.

When he went to view the land during a free site visit, it took 2 hours to access the property. At first he liked the property after carefully listening to the upcoming developments that would make it easier for him to develop the property as he planned on building a home to settle his young family.

He bought two plots each measuring 50 x 100 feet at the cost of Ksh 329,000. The property was value added with a perimeter fence, estate gate and graded access roads. In 2019, he built a 4-bedroom maisonette, settled his family and is now rearing poultry in the remaining section of his property. Ngong area has grown and Hezron notes that the area has developed faster than anticipated. It now takes him less than 30 minutes from Ngong Town thanks to the tarmac roads.

“Today, an eighth acre plot costs between Ksh 650,000 and Ksh 1.5M, since Ngong Kibiko Suswa Road has been tarmacked, the SGR and Ngong SGR Station are now complete.  Better still, the area is accessible from Kikuyu, Nairobi, Magadi and Ongata Rongai because of the Southern by-pass and investors have already built their homes. This has led to appreciation of land prices in the area.

As you travel from Nairobi CBD to Ngong, you will notice massive construction works ongoing especially Ngong Road which is undergoing expansion. A number of middle-class city dwellers have put up their own houses around Ngong and investors have put up malls and supermarkets. The town is also set to have a Ksh 700M market financed by World Bank and this will increase economic activities.

Reuben Kimani, CEO, Username Investments notes that when the Company begun selling affordable plots in Ngong, the prices were as low as Ksh 149,000 but currently an affordable plot is selling at Ksh 650,000. Those who invested have happily settled their families. He also adds that “Ngong is fast becoming another bedroom for Nairobi City residents. Many people, are choosing to invest in Ngong because it is easier to access Nairobi CBD conveniently and on weekends enjoy hiking at Ngong Hills. With the continued growth of the area, Ngong is set to grow bigger and independent from Nairobi and as this happens land will be unaffordable to many. This therefore means that its high time to invest in Ngong”.

Username Investment Ltd., is the leading Company in offering land for sale in Ngong. For the past 7 years, the Company has offered a number of projects, issued title deeds and clients have developed their homes and settled their families.

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