Why you need to Invest in Ngong and Kangundo Road Areas

Why you need to Invest in Ngong and Kangundo Road Areas

The year has just begun and investors are on the lookout for properties to invest in either to settle their families or for future investments. Today, we focus on Ngong and Kangundo Road and why every investor is looking for affordable plots in this satellite areas.


Ngong is a bustling town located Southwest of Nairobi and 30 kilometres away from Nairobi CBD. In the last couple of years, Ngong has undergone rapid growth in all sectors and this has driven up land prices.

Below are some key reasons why investors are moving to Ngong:

  1. The recent tarmacking of Ngong- Kibiko Suswa Road which has opened up the area for commercial and residential development and properties that were selling as low as Ksh 200,000 are now selling at Ksh 700,000 and this is expected to increase further this year.
  2. Ongoing dualing of Ngong road is expected to ease traffic and spur economic growth all along the area it is passing through.
  3. Completion of Standard Gauge Railway and Ngong SGR Station have further opened up the area for investors.
  4. Close proximity to Ngong Hills, an excellent holiday destination for Nairobians who come hiking away from the city’s noise, pollution and congestion.
  5. Ngong area has consistently been recording high appreciation of land prices according to County Land Prices averaging at 12.9 percent.
  6. Ngong area has easy accessibility of building materials due to close proximity to quarries which makes it easy to venture into construction.

Kangundo Road

Did you know that Kangundo Road has some of the most prime and affordable plots for both commercial and residential development? As more Kenyans move out of the heavily congested and costly capital of Nairobi, outskirt areas such as Kangundo Road which is an hour’s drive from Nairobi CBD are proving to be a top choice for investors.  Below are some factors driving the demand for land in Kangundo Road.

  1. Kangundo road is a cosmopolitan area and Nairobians prefer investing here due to its close proximity to Nairobi CBD
  2. The area enjoys improved public transport and businesses have opened along the area.
  3. Expansion of Kangundo Road to a dual carriage has already begun and this will ease traffic congestion making it faster to access Kangundo Road from Nairobi. This will also open up the area for investment.
  4. Availability of building materials in the area has made it easier for investors to develop their properties.
  5. Land in this area has appreciated in price over the past few years. Today, the same size of land that was selling between Ksh 100,000– Ksh 200,000 is selling between Ksh 400,000 to Ksh 1M.
  6. Machakos County has increased spending on infrastructure in the area from Ksh347.4B to Ksh396.8B therefore the area will continue to witness increased infrastructural developments.

If you are an investor looking for an affordable plot in Ngong and Kangundo Road this is the best time to invest as land prices are expected to rise further as previous investors continue to develop their properties and the ongoing infrastructural projects are completed.

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