There was grand jubilation and celebration as Username Investments awarded Employee of the Year with a brand new car; Mercedes Benz C class, for recording an outstanding performance in the past financial year. The grand prize was presented during Username’s 4th Thamini Awards Ceremony held at Panari Sky Centre. The award was among 13 awards won by members of staff from various categories.

The German car was elegantly decorated with Username colours and strategically parked at the entrance of Panari Hotel. Everyone passing by would pose and admire the luxurious car, which was the grand reward for outstanding performance.  

About Thamini Awards

Thamini Awards is an Annual Internal Human Resource Program that seeks to recognize and reward outstanding performance of Username Investment staff. The word “Thamini” is a Swahili word meaning to value. Apart from this, the company recognizes staff monthly through the “Employee of the Month” program and the staff with excellent monthly performance receives a shopping voucher.

CEO’s Remarks

We are grateful to God for yet another opportunity to gather as a Team and celebrate each other. As a tradition, we annually reflect on our performance and reward our people based on our set objectives every financial year. Thamini is not a competition, rather it is a reward for achieving and surpassing objectives. At Username, we recognize that we are all winners in our various ways” Reuben Kimani, CEO, Username Investment Ltd. said while addressing the staff members during the award session.

Username Investments takes pride is having a young, vibrant and skilled work force and we value each and every person’s contribution to the company’s vision. We aim at being the best company not only in the real estate industry but across all industries in terms of our performance and staff welfare. We have various reward mechanisms to ensure everyone is celebrated on a monthly and annual basis”, Reuben continued.

The 13 winners were described as diligent, self-driven, accountable and efficient in their diverse roles across departments. Their contribution towards making affordable housing a reality to Kenyans in line with the company vision and mission was uniquely rewarded.

More About the Winner

The overall winner of the luxurious German car was described by the Chief Officer as “an outstanding person who has broken previous staff records, achieved his monthly target countless times and set a new target which may take time to break. He is also a leader who guides his Team with lots of wisdom and diligence. The gift was symbolic, The Mercedes-Benz Slogan is “The Best or Nothing,” and the grand winner was simply the best.

Gabriel has won other awards in the company including a fully paid holiday trip for 2 to Paris. He has consistently recorded outstanding performances over the past years.

 “This is great honour from Username Investments Management. It is a testament that hard work and diligence is rewarded. I thank my Team for making this possible and I encourage everyone to do their best in their roles”, Gabriel Ombati, Sales Manager said while receiving the Employee of the Year Award. Username Investments Staff members cheered him for the well-deserved win. His colleagues described him as an example to emulate across all facets of life.

In concluison, there were 13 awards won which included: A fully paid holiday for 2 to USA, Malaysia, Malindi, Fridges, Smart TVs, Smartphones and Shopping Vouchers.