What does the recently launched commuter train to Konza Means to Selim Plains Konza city Investors?

Konza City is now fully taking shape transport wise as the Kenya Railways recently launched a Konza City route for Nairobi commuters.

This is what this great milestone means to you as a real estate investor in Konza city Kenya;

  • You can buy a plot in Konza and build a residential home and access Nairobi CBD conveniently.
  • You will experience no traffic and reduce time travel between Nairobi CBD to Konza City
  • With the expanded Mombasa road and Nairobi – Mombasa Expressway taking shape, you will have various options to access your land  property.
  • With Kenyans gradually moving away from the city you can now build rentals and commercial facilities in your property.

Notably, the city was allocated Ksh.6.3B for infrastructure development in the Kenya Budget 2020/2021 and this means more infrastructural projects are set to come up.

If you looking to buy a piece of  land or plot in Konza ,the time is now. Take action and be among the happy investors in the area.

Do not be left behind! Previous real estate investors in Konza are already reaping capital gains.

Invest today in Selim Plains Konza at a cash offer of Ksh 299,000 for an eighth acre ( 50ft×100ft) plot. This is the most affordable price in the area.

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