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The Cost of Loosing Title Deed and How to Overcome It

A title deed is a legal document constituting evidence of a right, especially to ownership of property. A title deed contains; The name of the existing owner […]

Reasons Why you Need to Invest in Land Property

There are many investment one can do but there is one that people people prefer to invest in land property […]

Young People Should Tap into the Potential available in Sub-counties

The proportion of young people in Kenya to the population stands at 20.3%, the highest in Africa and among the […]

Why you need to Consider Investing in Ngong Area

Investing in Ngong area could be one of those rare investment you can ever make in the world of investments. […]

Username Investment’s Role in Achieving Vision 2030

Vision 2030 is an economical vision program set by Kenyan government back in 2010 in effort to transform Kenya to […]

5 Significant Reasons Why You Should View Land Before Buying

Land investment is a decision that you carefully consider. This takes time and requires you to consider a number of […]

Here is why Women Make Better Investors than Men

Women are gradually taking the positions held by men in the investment sphere.90% of women’s income goes back to their […]

Username awarded The 2018 Best Land and Investment Company

18th April 2018, Username Investment Limited is the 2018 Best Land and Investment Company, an award given during the Homes Expo at the KICC […]