Are you looking for plots, land and property for sale in Nairobi ? Ngong Plots for sale are the ideal investment for you. Below are the reasons why you need to invest in plots for sale in Ngong Town, Kenya.

1. Ngong town enjoys close proximity to Nairobi CBD

2. The area has fairly valued land with prices below Ksh 1.5M.

3. Infrastructural developments including the recently tarmacked Ngong – Suswa road, Ngong SGR and SGR Station and ongoing expansion of Ngong Road.

4. Continued residential development – A number of middle-class city dwellers have put up their residential houses around Ngong area

5. Ngong Hills is an excellent holiday destination making the area an ideal location for a holiday home.

6. Availability of key amenities such as schools, religious centres, shopping facilities, hospitals etc.

From selling a 50 x 100 plot with prices as low as Ksh 149,000, Ngong now has eighth-acre plots selling with prices between Ksh 650,000 and Ksh 1.5 million. If you are looking for a prime property with a high appreciation rate and ready for immediate development, consider Ngong.

Our current ongoing projects

  1. Fountain Field – Ngong Phase II –  The project is conveniently located just 14km from Ngong town along Ngong-Kibiko-Suswa tarmac road; this is a total of 36km from Nairobi CBD along Ngong road.  The introductory cash price is Kshs 549,000. An instalment payment plan of up to 12 months is also available.
  2. Ngong Meadows –  The project is 10 minutes’ drive from Kimuka Centre and near Kajiado West Technical and Vocational Institute. Take advantage of our 20% discount to own an 1/8th-acre plot at Kshs. 599,000 only down from Kshs. 750,000. An installment payment plan of up to 12 months is also available.
  3. Ngong Breeze Phase VII –  The project touchesNgong-Kibiko-Suswa tarmac road and is 16 km from Ngong Town. The introductory cash offer is Kshs. 599,000. An Installment option of up to 12 months is also available.

To Invest SMS “NGONG” to 20321 or Call 0725 000 222