Username Investment team is attending several forums of real estate investment to be held in United Kingdom. The schedule meetings will help people living in diaspora to interact with the company team and seek clarity in their investments.

username Investment team in United kingdom showcasing Real estate Investment opportunities in Kenya.

Have you been looking for affordable real estate investment opportunities in Kenya but don’t know where to get? Kenyans living in the diaspora often do not have sufficient information on investment opportunities in Kenya. At Username, we recognize this and other challenges that you face while trying to make the best and right decision. We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to facilitate the availability of this information on investment opportunities to enable you become a land-owner in a hassle-free way. You’re not just investing but also contributing to the growth and development of your country. So far, we have successfully helped over 1,000 diaspora clients spread across the US, Europe, Asia, Middle East and the rest of Africa to acquire land.

Our team from Username Investment Ltd is currently in the United Kingdom to help you get started on real estate investment journey and make your land investment dream a reality.

Among the cities we will be visiting include London, Oxford, Reading, Bristol, Swindon, Nottingham and Glasgow as we showcase our affordable, strategic and value-added properties.

Some of the projects we are showcasing include:

  1. Ngong Plots located 7km from Kimuka Centre along the proposed Greater Southern bypass at £ 3,800 only. Tarmacking of Ngong-Ewaso Kedong-Suswa Road and expansion of Ngong Road is ongoing opening up the area for investments.
  2. Selim Plains Konza at £2,300 located a distance of 15 minutes’ drive from Konza City along the upcoming Greater Southern bypass that links Konza and Isinya. Investors in this project will enjoy appreciation of land prices as The Nairobi- Mombasa Expressway passes near Selim Plains – Konza.
  • Gardenia Estate – Kangundo Road at £ 6,100 only. The project is located along Kangundo road, next to KBC Centre Malaa, 3.7kms from the tarmac. Expansion of Kangundo Road is underway making the area more accessible.
  1. The Vantage- Naivasha at £ 3,100 only. The project is located 11km from Naivasha town along Naivasha – Mai Mahiu – Nairobi road and shares great proximity to the proposed Naivasha dry port.

Reasons Why You Should Invest with Username Investment Ltd.

  1. Our prices are very affordable starting from £ 2,300 to £ 6,100.
  2. The prices are inclusive of title processing fees, no hidden charges.
  3. Title deed delivery – we do all the paperwork for you and deliver title deeds within 6 months upon completion of payment.
  4. We offer a flexible installment payment plan of up to 12 months.
  5. When you invest with Username, you are assured of reaping capital gains. We have a research team that identifies places with high potential for growth near upcoming infrastructural developments such as highways, bypasses, railways, airports and cities.
  6. Our properties are value-added — We ensure we have a perimeter fence, estate gate, internal access roads graded, borehole drilled and electricity installed making your property ready for immediate development.
  7. With over 6,000 title deeds issued, you are assured that you are working with a trusted real estate investment partner.
  8. We assign you a dedicated Relationship Manager who will walk with you all through your investment journey.