Username Investment Ltd., the leading real estate company in Kenya has launched Nawiri Pamoja an event that aims at bringing together investors to build a community within a project. The event was held at The Vineyard Ngong, one of the most prime projects done by Username Investments in Ngong along Ngong-Suswa tarmac.

About Nawiri Pamoja

The word “Nawiri Pamoja” is a Swahili word meaning thriving together and Username Investments aims at building thriving communities for the current and upcoming generations where everyone can grow, flourish and prosper. The objective is to have the investors form an association and appoint estate leaders who will safeguard the interest of the entire estate.

Director’s Remarks

Today, we gather to celebrate a significant milestone in our journey towards making home ownership accessible and affordable to all Kenyans. This occasion signifies the beginning of a journey to building communities across our projects. It is a remarkable day where we have come together to build Username Investments Vineyard Community and we intend to have Username Communities in Nakuru, Ngong, Kangundo Road, Kisumu and across the country”, Joseph Gitonga, Director, Username Investment Ltd said while addressing the investors.

A look at the Globe

Amidst the global recession, your decision to invest in land is well informed because whereas the value of other investment vehicles such as shares is reducing, the value of land keeps going up. Therefore, if you compare two people where one invested in land and the other one invested in shares, the one who invested in land has a better investment in 2023”, Joseph continued.

To bring land investment point home, did you know that according to the World Bank, 61 percent of urban households live in slums in Kenya? This means that as a country, we have a long way to go in the provision of decent and affordable housing. As a company, we take pride in offering strategic and affordable land that can be transformed into homes. As I look around, I am happy to see homes in this estate, this is what gives me joy, witnessing Kenyans build homes after investing in our affordable plots.”

Looking down the memory lane, we launched The Vineyard Ngong in August 2020. This was amidst Covid-19 global pandemic. This was after numerous requests from our clients to have a ready to build project in Ngong. Most Kenyans desired to settle in their own homes amidst the pandemic. This estate was once a vision, now, it has transformed into a vibrant neighbourhood and a place where dreams have been realized, memories will be made and a sense of belonging created.”

The Growing Real Estate Market

Joseph also acknowledged the immerse growth of the real estate sector in Ngong. A report released by Hass Consult in April this year showed that among all satellite towns in Nairobi, Ngong had the highest quarterly and annual increase in land value increasing by 18.58%. This means that real estate investors in Ngong are assured of appreciation of land prices as a result of the infrastructural developments.

He added that Username Investments has completed all the value addition works such as building an estate gate, grading the access road and fencing the project. Further, Username has delivered title deeds to investors in the project as per the company’s tradition of ensuring every investor receives a title deed as a proof of ownership.

Director’s Final Remarks

In conclusion Joseph mentioned that “a thriving community is not solely built on bricks and mortar but on relationships created. Together, you can build a neighbourhood that is more than just a place to live but a place to call home.”