The air was full of excitement and anticipation as Username Investments hosted its annual Thamini Awards Ceremony at the Panari Hotel. Staff members in their finest attire filled the room, their faces glowing with excitement and curiosity. This year’s event held special significance, not only for recognizing outstanding employee performance, but also for marking the company’s 5th Thamini Awards celebration.

As the over 70 staff members entered the venue, their eyes were drawn to a sleek, powerful, luxurious, white Mercedes car, strategically positioned at the hotel entrance. Adorned with the vibrant colors of Username, this elegant car served as the grand prize for the coveted 2023 Employee of the Year award. This was among the 12 awards won by members of staff across different categories.

About Thamini Awards

Thamini, is a Swahili word meaning “to value,”. This is the driving force behind this annual internal Human Resource program. It embodies Username Investment’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding exceptional contributions from its staff members. This dedication extends beyond the annual ceremony, with a monthly “Employee of the Month” program that acknowledges consistent excellence and provides monthly reward vouchers.

The CEO’s Address

Reuben Kimani, CEO of Username Investments, addressed the assembled staff, emphasizing the company’s pride in its young and dynamic Team. He acknowledged the hard work and dedication of each and every staff member from across the three offices. “We believe that recognizing and rewarding achievements is key to motivating our team and driving our overall success.”

As Reuben reached the climax of his speech, he described the nominee of the Employee of the Year as knowledgeable, persistent, proactive and results-driven since she joined Username in 2016. Reuben added, “Her performance is a testimony of more than 7 years of growth, resilience, focus, hard work and improving without giving up”. This exceptional individual and the recipient of the most prestigious award – a brand-new Mercedes-Benz was none other than Esther Naima, the Assistant Sales Manager, Username Investment Ltd.

The joyous cheers of her colleagues echoed through the venue, echoing their admiration and respect for her well-deserved achievement. The moment Esther stepped out to receive her award, she was surrounded by her colleagues, eager to congratulate her. Cameras flashed, capturing her smile and the joy radiating from her. Esther knew that this wasn’t just about winning a car; it was a recognition of her hard work, dedication, consistency and her value to the company. It was a moment of pure happiness and a promise of a brighter future.

 “This is not only an individual win but a collective win for all of us. Thank you everyone who has made this possible. Let us keep doing our best in our different roles”, Esther Naima, Assistant Sales Manager, said while receiving the Employee of the Year Award from the CEO of Username. Her colleagues described her as soft spoken, tactical and hardworking.

More Awards

There were 12 awards won which included: A fully paid holiday for 2 to Paris, Dubai, South Africa, Zanzibar, Naivasha, Fridges, Smart TVs, Smartphones and Shopping Vouchers.

As Username Investments continues to grow and evolve, the Thamini Awards ceremony serves as a powerful reminder of recognizing individual contributions, fostering a culture of excellence, and empowering employees to be the best they can be.

Final Remarks

Reuben concluded by noting that this was the third time the company was rewarding Employee of the Year with a brand-new car as recognition of excellence. Reuben final call to his fellow CEO’s and Industry leaders across the World was, “Invest in your people, not just profits. Their growth fuels yours.”