Username Investment limited is running a campaign where it is seeking to gift a residential plot to one Kenyan who has the most touching story.

Username Investments received hundreds of very needy cases submitted by Kenyans who made effort to share stories of the most deserving people in our communities. The Team has gone through all stories and it has not been an easy task as all were deserving thus making it extremely hard for Username Investments Team to narrow down to one winner of a free plot in Pristine Gardens – Matuu on Valentine’s Day.

To ensure fairness on who should walk away with the free residential plot, Kenyans have been called upon to help in deciding the winner on the final shortlist.

Well deserving plots wins a free residential plot in pristine Gardens Ngong.

The shortlist has got 11 stories which Username Investments finds to be most compelling and have elicited most reactions. To vote for the most deserving person of the free residential plot you are required to like the photo of the person you think deserves to win the plot. Your like is your vote. Comments and inboxes will not be considered as we want to ensure an open and transparent process.

To ensure fairness, the photo with the most likes walks away with the free 1/8th Acre Plot in celebration of Valentine’s Day. This is Username’s unique way of sharing love to one of us in the society.

You are allowed to share the post or photo of your favorite candidate and tag as many of your friends as part of lobbying for your candidate’s win. Voting is open until tomorrow Thursday 8:00am. Good luck! 

Voting link: